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Adventures of a lifetime


4WD/Motor Biking

Four Wheel Drive or motorbiking is absolutely one of the best ways to explore the contrasts and vast of China.

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Trekking and Hiking

We offer a wide range of trekking mainly in southwest, varying in difficulty from the simple up to the adventurous.

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Cycling or mountain biking through China’s Southwest is the extraordinary experience on such massive land.

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Seasonal Tours
Festival, events and winter season tours

May 32015
Tibet Potala Palace

Miao New Year Festival in Leishan

A time to look for boy/girlfriend and arrange weddings. No festival in Guizhou is as such colorful, interesting and worthwhile visiting than Miao New Year Festival.

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Yuanyang Rice Fields & Hani Villages

This tour will be focused in Yuanyang's amazing terraced fields along with the diverse ethnic communities and some very distinctive towns and villages...

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Xishuangbanna Juggle

During this easy but lovely treks, enjoy the epic views tramping through the rugged tea mountains, fragrance filled tropical garden, rice fields and stunning valleys.

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Feb 212015

Amdo New Year of Monlam Festival

The highlight of the festival is the 'Exposing of the Buddha' ceremony, a thangka of Buddha measuring 90 ft of length and 60 ft of width will be unfurled on a hillside.

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Who we are ?

Enduringly popular with visitors because it offers a wide variety of cultures and cuisines unmatched

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What we do ?

The dominant people remain Han Chinese, but closer to the southern and western frontiers a complex

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How we travel ?

Far from the traditional Chinese heartlands north of the Yangzi River, much of the region is redolent

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Most diverse and exotic destinations in China

Tibet Potala Palace


Spiritual shelter for the soul, is one of a birthplace for the numerous legends and myths.



Meaning ‘South of the Clouds’, the exotic traits of Yunnan and its prolific attractions have beguiled travelers for decades.


Sichuan & Kham

With long history of over 4,500 years, is one of the most popular travel destinations in China


Qinghai & Amdo

No words could properly portray out the grandeur and the beauty of Qinghai.



Guizhou is a lively, visual home for the third largest ethnic mix in China.


Trans China

China, with a recorded history of 5,000 years, is one of the world’s earliest civilizations.


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Dear Echo, We are now back in Norway and already started at work. We will thank you for a well organized tour and both driver and guide have been pleasant to be together with on the journey. Every day on the...

Astrid Henriksen and Stein Jenssen

To whom it may concern: We have just completed a tour of Tibet with a Tibetan guide, Horbu, he had been extremely well organized and informative. His knowledge of Tibetan culture, religion, and customs has been outstanding. He made our...

Ms. Leslie NGOC and Mr. Thibault Hottel…

Dear Echo: John and I want to thank you so much for everything you have done over the past 2 weeks. You have been truly amazing. You have ordered us delicious food, make new hotel arrangements, and found interesting places for...


Hi Echo, yes Harbin was great. A totally new experience to sit out on a park bench zipping on a frozen beer at minus 25. Thank you for your support with the car in beijing. I¡äll be ready on Sunday at 7:30. Sincerely, Vinney Client's...


Dear Maggie, Tomorrow we have to say good bye to Mao and we really had a wonderful time with him. Our Sechuanese is also quite good! Now we will invite Mao for our last dinner and we hope he will have a...


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